“Sideways Saturdays” Flat Track Speedway Motorcycle Racing

"Sideways Saturdays" Flat Track Speedway Motorcycle Racing at Redwood Acres Eureka CA

“Sideways Saturdays” Flat Track Speedway Motorcycle Racing at Redwood Acres Eureka CA

IRHP: International Riders Helping People

Saturday June 27, 2015
Saturday July 25, 2015
Saturday August 29, 2015


Rider Classifications
At the Race Director’s discretion, we will honor other promoter’s rider classifications for the purpose of safety.

Rider Proof of Age
All participants may be required to present proof of age. A birth certificate, passport, or DMV card must be available upon request.

Rider Entry
$25.00 for Novice and Amatuer riders
$40.00 for Experts and 100% pay back for Expert riders

Rider Meeting
All event entrants and pit crew members are required to attend the riders meeting at each event

Flat Track Classes

Pre 1980
Vintage Light (0-349cc) Am/Ex
Vintage Heavy (350cc-Unlimited) Am/Ex

Post 1980
125cc-200cc Am/ex
250cc Am/Ex
Open Am/Ex

Beginner Class

Age Classes
40+, 50+, 60+ Am/Ex (All Displacement)

Mini Class
70cc-110cc (10 Years and Up) KNOBBIES OKAY

Money Class
To Qualify Must Ride A Trophy Class (16 Years And Up)

Knobbie Class
All Full Size Motocross Bikes

Trophy Class (Am/Ex)

Speedway Money Class (100% Payback)
To Qualify Must Ride A Trophy Class (16 Years And Up)

40% Trophy Pay Back
12 Years of Age Minimum on Big Bikes
Entry Fee
Trophy Classes: $25
Money Classes: $40

Under Age Riders
No minor rider will be allowed to sign up unless accompanied by their guardian with completed paperwork at sign up.

Number Plates
No triple digit numbers. All machines must have three number plates, one on each side, and one on the front of the bike, with numbers a minimum of 6” and in a plain font. Numbers must be readily visible during a race. Scoring errors due to number plates not meeting these criteria will be non-contestable.


  • Class C traction required for all classes.
  • No knobby tires or motocross tires. Trial tires, Short track tires, and all other tires are acceptable.

Rider Gear
The following Gear is required to be worn at all times while on the track:

  • Protective pants made of leather or other durable material and long sleeve jerseys
  • Boots at least 8 inches high and constructed for leg and foot protection.
  • Shatterproof face shield or shatterproof goggles
  • Protective motorcycle helmet with a DOT or Snell 2005 rating or newer. The helmet must be properly fastened, be of a good fit, and be in good condition. The helmet must have a chin strap type retention system
  • It is recommended that riders use available protective equipment (i.e. gloves, chest protector, neck brace and knee braces)
  • Steel shoes are recommended

Safety Technical Inspection
All motorcycles entered into competition must pass a pre-race technical inspection performed by a IRHP representative. All bikes must meet the following requirements to be allowed to compete:

  • Working Kill Switch
  • Ball end levers (clutch and front brake (tt only))
  • Throttle return
  • Safety-wired oil plugs
  • Coolant catch can
  • No antifreeze in coolant system
  • Kickstand must be removed
  • Folding rubber-covered foot pegs
  • Rear brake required (except brakeless class)
  • No front brakes


  • No dogs at race track or fairgrounds
  • No alcohol brought to grandstands
  • We reserve the right to give you your money back and ask you to leave if we observe any bad conduct
  • No pit riding is allowed
  • All animals must be on a leash
  • During the event no alcohol consumption in pits
  • Nobody is allowed on the track at any time during the event, except as specifically allowed
  • Any form of unsafe riding
  • Unruly behavior, unsportsmanlike conduct or fighting
  • Threatening, verbally or physically assaulting any IRHP staff member or volunteer
  • Illegal drug use
  • Any activity that could harm another individual
  • Riders are responsible for everyone in their pit space. Anyone engaging in prohibited conduct can and will be asked to the leave the premises and may be prohibited from attending future events.

Race Director
The IRHP Race Director has full responsibility for the event and its operations and has final authority on all matters.

Liability Release and Entry Form
A Rider will not practice or race prior to the signing of a liability release and completion of entry forms. By entering the event, it shall be deemed that the entrant has read these rules and agrees to be bound thereby.

Camping & Directions
Contact Redwood Acres Fairgrounds at (707) 445-3037 for more informations or Click Here


International Riders Helping People: IRHP.org


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